DIY Mold Removal – Why You Shouldn’t

DIY mold removal. Several times we have seen products and advertisements for quick in-home solutions that the every day man (or woman) can use to kill mold. DO NOT KILL MOLD YOURSELF. Especially if you are prone to health problems. Mold is a tricky substance to remove and even when it is “dead” it is still alive.

The Mycotoxins in the cell walls of mold remain whether the mold is dead or alive. These Mycotoxins are responsible for the ill effects that molds cause. What we are saying is that mold in any shape can and will make you sick.

The proper thing to do is to find a mold removal specialist who can physically remove the mold from the premises. Failure to do just that, puts you at risk and this could come in the form of severe health effects or expensive structural damage.

The very young, elderly and individuals with Immunol complications are the most susceptible to mold related health issues. If you are one of these people, you put yourself at risk. Even if you are a healthy adult, the risks of mold related health issues are still very high.