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Mold Stain Removal with Lemon Juice

HOW TO REMOVE MOLD STAINS WITH LEON JUICE and SALT Mold stains your tile, grout, shower curtains and other fabrics can be a real eye sore. They can also give off a milder like smell that will drive you insane. Fear not though. There is a quick, all natural mold stain removal solution right in […]

How to stop mold growth

[divider] How to stop mold[/divider] Control the moisture and you control the mold! The answer really is that simple. Moisture is a molds best friend. Although it is just one of four things that mold needs to thrive, it is the most important thing.   The real problem comes from correcting the source of the […]

The health effects of mold

[divider] The health effects of mold [/divider] Welcome to the number one concern of a mold problem. Your health is paramount and it should never be put in harms way. This is why you need to contact a professional mold remover if you think you have mold.   Now that that is out of the […]

Why you shouldn’t paint over mold

[divider] Can I paint over mould? [/divider] Painting over mold is like painting over rust on a car. It will only mask the problem and do so temporarily. Underneath the paint, mold spores continue to grow and in time will show through the new coat of paint. Mold must be properly removed at its root level […]

How to kill mold

[divider] How to kill mold [/divider] Before we get into how to kill mold, first we must give our professional disclaimer. Killing mold does not stop its risks, especialliy health related risks. The Mycotoxins that are present in the cell walls of mold will remain as potent whether dead or alive. Killing mold is thus […]

What does mold smell like?

[divider] What does mold smell like? [/divider] As we mentioned earlier on our journey, mold is everywhere. It can be found on just about any surface, even in the air we breathe. Mold has been on this planet long before humans. You might think that we have developed a tolerance to it over time and […]

Is mold bad for you?

[divider] Why is mould a concern? [/divider] When it comes to mold growth, there are two primary areas of concern. Mold can cause damage to material items such as wood, paper and fabrics and more importantly it can cause serious health complications in certain forms.   Wood for example will rot over time as the […]

How, where and why does mold grow

[divider] How does mold grow? [/divider] Mold(s) reproduce by means of spores, or seeds. These spores will often settle on damp surfaces and begin to swell to 2-3 times their original size. As they do so, they begin to form thread like structures called Hyphae. As the Hyphae grow larger, they begin to interweave and […]

What is mold?

[divider] What is Mold? [/divider] Mold(s) are tiny organisms, fungi specifically, that reproduce and grow at an extreme pace. Most commonly found on food or materials that have been saturated by water, mold can take on many forms. We see mold mostly as black, white or brown spores that can resemble decay or rot. Depending […]