[divider] I can see mold. Why do I need to test mold? [/divider]

Mold testingWhen a rampant, visible mold condition exists, Ontario Mold Remediation does not automatically suggest or recommend initial mold sampling except on occasions where serious occupant health complications or potential litigation conditions exists.

A mold problem is often far more reaching than just a visible patch of mold on a wall or ceiling. Whether visible mold is present or not, testing can determine the overall mold contamination level and toxicity of the mold present. This information can be critical to the preparation of a remediation and clean-up protocol.

After remediation, Ontario Mold Remediation recommends a “clearance test” be conducted to establish the success level of the clean-up process. With regard to the need for initial mold sampling before the clean-up, each site condition is unique and regardless of our recommendations, the final decision belongs to the property owner.

The core value of our services to the property owner is not necessarily from conducting initial mold sampling – it is in our inspection/assessment of the site and the corrective action planning to abate the moisture problem feeding the mold and in outlining safe clean-up protocols.


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